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2024 March, April and May

Adding more swap space to OmniOS

Updating NIC properties in SmartOS

Debugging a crashdump in SmartOS

Running NetBSD on OmniOS using bhyve

Tailscale for illumos updated to v1.66.4

OpenIndiana Release 2024.04

OmniOS Community Edition r151050

SmartOS 20240530T000454Z

2024-02-29 Triton DataCenter Office Hours: Web GUI for SmartOS Demo

2024-03-14 Triton DataCenter Office Hours: Back to Basics

2024-03-28 Triton DataCenter Office Hours: Images and Q&A

2024-05-23 Triton DataCenter Office Hours: Learning From Disasters, Failures, and Mistakes

Editor’s note №1: This blog post was researched, written, edited and published on an OpenIndiana Workstation.

Editor’s note №2: I have been away for a while due to ETOOMUCHWORK, however, I will continue posting on weekly basis. My apologies to the community.


Booting OmniOS using iPXE

OpenIndiana Package updates include:
— Firefox updated to 123.0
— Thunderbird updated to 115.8.0
— HAProxy updated to 2.8.6
— NVIDIA 470 updated to 470.239.06
— NVIDIA updated to 550.54.14
— Samba updated to 4.19.5
— PHP updated to 8.2.16
— MariaDB updated to 10.6.17
— Many MATE components are updated to 1.28.0
— git updated to 2.44.0
— xterm updated to 390
And much more!

OmniOS Extras updates include:
— Squid Web Proxy v6.7 has been added
— Switched to Python 3.12

Tailscale for illumos updated to v1.60.0

2024-02-15 Triton DataCenter Office Hours: Hypervisor Landscape
Join the next call:

2024-02-22 bhyve Production Users Call

2024-02-21 OpenZFS Production Users Call

2024-02-20 jail(8)/zones(7) Production Users Call

SmartOS 20240222T001232Z
Interesting changes include:
— vmadm should worry less about bootrom

Support for Intel i225/226 2.5GbE igc(4D) has landed!

pstack(1) works with Python (again!)

Editor’s note: This blog post was researched, written, edited and published on an OpenIndiana Workstation.


OmniOS Stable is updated to r151048o
This update requires a reboot

OmniOS Extras updates include:
— OpenLDAP updated to 2.6.7
— VirtualBox updated to 7.0.14a
— BIND updated to 9.16.48 / 9.18.24
— Unbound updated to 1.19.1
— OpenVPN updated to 2.6.9
— Nginx updated to 1.25.4
— Listmonk updated to 3.0.0
And much more!

SmartOS 20240208T000334Z
Interesting changes include:
— bhyve returns bogus cpuid 8000_001D leaf
— update pkgsrc-setup to 20240116
— Update curl to 8.6.0
— Update OpenSSL to 3.0.13

2024-02-15 bhyve Production User Call

Mirroring OmniOS: The Complete Guide; Part One

Booting OmniOS on Vultr

Migrate a FreeBSD bhyve virtual machine to OmniOS

ZFS encryption and notification service on OmniOS

Configure OmniOS to use an authenticated SMTP relay (smarthost)

Remotely install OmniOS on a Dell R620

Dealing with USB Storage devices on OmniOS

Running OpenBSD on OmniOS using bhyve

SMB shares using OmniOS, zones and ZFS

Add support for Emulex LPe35000/LPe36000 32Gb/64Gb fibre channel chipsets

Provide execvpe

Port NFSv41 base
(Allows to enable and disable NFSv4 minor versions)

pcieadm decodes readiness time reporting

Update tzdata to 2024a

illumos now recognizes QEMU/TCG as a hypervisor